Luminate Issues Not displaying Ads in Images

Luminate Ads are not displaying on my posts,Given below my discussion thread with Luminate Team.

My Question
Hi Luminate team, I am quite new to Luminate,recently i published my blog with Luminate,my blog is primarily targeted to ATG Commerce developers to solve their day to day issues during development and few general topics,currently i am getting a traffic of around 100-200 daily pageviews,but my revenue is shown as 0$,My Current reports says i have 181 image views and i am not seeing the luminate icon or any other ads coming on my images,i can see only the luminate icon when i put my image and publish my post for sometiem,but after that it disappears,is there anything i am missing or its the usual behaviour and will take some time to get the images start working,or is it region specific ?
highly appreciate your response.

Response from Luminate team

I am seeing the icons and adds here: and see attached screenshot. Are you not seeing the same? 
Image screen shot below.
luminate icon displaying

Follow up Question
Hello Luminate team,
Many thanks for your response,however i cannot see the luminate icon in the same image,any region specific settigns is there,i have attached the screen shot taken this morning(09:50 AM Indian time),it does not have the icon, similiarly for my other images i cant see the icon. Aprreciate your response. Image screen shot below.
luminate icon not displaying

Response from Luminate team
The only geo specific thing is the ad, it may not appear in all geos. However the sharing icons should appear for you. Let me enquire internally why this may be.

Follow up Question
I have uploaded one more image on 24th June,this is of a Shopping cart - 'Add to Cart'  option ,with dimension  (235*215),while previewing my post i am able to see the luminate icon and the overlay ads,but after publishing my post,neither i can see the luminate icon nor the more similiar issue. Image screen shot below.

Post URL - >

shopping cart without luminate icon

Response from Luminate team
I am seeing the apps and the ad
in this image. Are you sure you don't have ad block on in your browser, sometimes that interferes. See the attachment, I am seeing below.

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shopping  cart with luminate ad and icon


Sebastian said...

This is really strange !!!,I am able to see ads from other networks coming up fine, types include, overlay ads,pop under ads full page ads etc,but somehow i am missing from luminate ,i tested this issue in IE,Chrome and FireFox but no luck,i am able to see the luminate icon and ads while previewing the content before publishing post,which rules out the possibility of some adblock at browser level..

Leave your comments if you are able to see the ads !!1

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