ATG Custom Catalog Creation Steps

ACC go to the Catalog Management - > Catalogs menu.
You can see the folders already created for you like store Catalog Folder and Sub Catalogs

Click on Sub-Catalogs folder,Click New Catalog button
Name your new catalog and click OK,Your new sub-catalog will
appear in the list.Click on your new sub-catalog and open it

Add Category to Catalog

Click the New Category button,name your new category and click OK
Expand the new catalog and your new category will appear below it in the left pane.

Click the category name use the Add Category button and select the
'View by Listing' tab to find existing sub-categories select the appropriate Category and then choose 'Add Category'.

Now in ACC select Catalog Management-catalogs
Click on the 'Master Catalog' and then Add Catalog button.Select your catalog and click the OK button.

Assign Catalogs to Users

Open ACC go to People and Organizations-Users and assign the catalog property.

After that Go to ACC and Update the Catalog Structure.

See different ways to Update Catalog Structure


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