issue in display ads side by side in blogs

I hope you know how to place two ads side by side,its pretty simple.Add two div tags,with float property of each set to right,left and margin pixel as 1px,see the screen shots below.Well this works if there is no content below the ads.

configurations for displaying ads side by side

If we plan to place ads side by side above your content,and if there is enough space between the two ads,content might overlap,it will automatically fit in between the ads.

ads with content overlap

you can do some tweaks for this .Increase the margin pixel size of your container which holds the ads which will eventually reduce the extra space between  ads.

I modified the margin pixel size of the second container .See the modifications below.

<div style='float:left; Margin: 1px;'>
Your Ad Code

<div style='float:left; Margin: 40px;'>
Your Ad Code

Now my ads are happily displaying side by side without any overlapping content !!!. 

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