atg configure promotion for a Product/Sku - item discount percent off

This is the continuation of the post configuring pricelist.

Before starting your development with Promotion please note the point,
Promotion rules are cached for efficiency,as a developer who edit rules frequently,you should not turn off the caching mechanism.To do so,set the maximumCacheSize and maximumCacheEntries properties of the atg/commerce/pricing/PMDLcache component to 0.

Now go to ACC Pricing go to Promotion,Create a new promotion of type 'Item Discount - Percent Off'
ACC item discount percent off

Now create a PMDL Rule,this is to specify the condition of the discount.
PMDL for product black berry

Now set few properties according to your requirements.My values just for  reference.

Automatically apply to all Orders - Global Promotion,make it true or false appropriately.Value - >false.
Discount Percentage - give an integer value as your percentage of Discount for that item.Value -> 5.
Give to a customer more than once - Number of times per user Promotion can be given.Value -> true

Once your Promotion has set then create a scenario to deliver this Promotion to targeted users.

The scenario's action specify who is eligible to receive promotion.
Once the customer receives the promotion,the promotion rule then determines if the customer qualifies to receive the promotion's discount.

Since for this example we are simply targeting only one user.So our scenario will look something like below.
scenario item viewed

Once the scenario is enabled,login to your application with the login name (i have created a user atguser)navigate to the product details page,select product Black Berry,you can see the price as 11 Euro now,proceed with checkout where you will see the promotion is applied to that product and the discounted price is displayed,since we had given 5% as item discount ,the actual price now is 11-.55 = 10.45 Euro.

Now logout and simply browse through your catalog and select the same product and proceed to checkout and you can see the price is shown as 11 Euro without any discount.

checkout page with promotion applied

This is the continuation of the post configuring pricelist.
Also see the posts on internal working of promotions and pricing engine.


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