ATG Scenario Donts

Exclude Anonymous Visitors, if possible filter out as many people as possible up front from your Scenario, try to minimize the number of visitors to whom the Scenario applies,in case if you have a large number of site users.Overall it will improve your system performance.

The number of Scenarios you have enabled affects the performance of your site,for example if you have 15 Scenarios, each of which includes a page visit element, you may notice that pages load more slowly because the site must process 15 page visit elements,whenever the user visits any page.You can improve the performance by creating a single Scenario that contains one Page visit event followed by multiple actions.

If an event is repeating in a Scenario,it will trigger multiple
individual Scenarios to be created,so take utmost care while
dealing with Repeated events.

Since Collective Elements apply to all the users in a Scenario,
try to reduce the usage,the performance will be compromised in
case we have huge number of profiles.

Avoid Never Ending Scenarios.

Avoiding Indefinitely run Scenarios.

Ref: Design Effective Scenarios
See: ATG Scenario Internals


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