ATG Scenarios Internal Working

When the system loads Scenario,it is stored in an in-memory lookup table.if a new event generates,it comes to the system
and system looks into the cache to see any scenarios are waiting for those events.Since this caching is done in Memory,it will be extremely fast.

Scenarios are precompiled when Dynamo starts up, it parses Scenario’s XML  file into a state machine.
During this pre-compilation phase, the system also performs a number of optimizations which maximize server performance.   

Cost of a scenario will depend upon how often its
triggered,if its triggered frequently then the cost associated
will be high,to minimize this restrict the scenarios to group,
lets say the group be 'all high end customers'.Also try to limit
the occurrences of Scenarios.

While starting the Dynamo instance we are running the 
Dynamo Scenario Server software as well,this means both the 
Dynamo activities and Scenario activities occur in same JVM.
Internally Load Manager allocates all the activities of one user session to one Dynamo instance.Thus, information, pages and data can be cached improving performance.

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