ATG Update Custom Catalog Structure

Custom Catalogs structure are complex,for example a product
or sku may appear in multiple catalogs/categories,so whenever
there is a change in the Catalog structure it 
is critical to maintain the relationships that form the paths, 
from Catalog to Sku.ATG has provided OOTB components and
inbuilt options to update the Catalog structure whenever a change
is made.

Catalog Structure can be updated basically in 3 ways.

The easiest method is via ATG Control Center,Open ACC,go to
Catalog Management - Catalogs and select 'Update Catalog 
Structure' from the Edit menu.Click the 'Yes' button,you will
see an Update Catalog window in the ACC like below.
Wait for the process to complete.

Update Catalog Structure
In the Admin UI click Commerce Administration link.In the 'Catalog Maintenance' Section you can click the 'Basic Maintenance Link'.
This will invoke all the functions of the AncestorGeneratorService 
and the CatalogVerificationService.It will take you to a new
browser window showing you the catalog maintenance last execution log.

From the Admin UI Invoke the performMaintenance() method on the atg/commerce/catalog/custom/CatalogMaintenanceService component.
Maintenance services can be performed dynamically at runtime
using CatalogChangeListener.We can also invoke these methods Programmatically.

See also how to increase the performance of ATG OOTB CMS


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