ATG Component dos and donts

Try to keep Class and Component name same if possible(keeping in mind that one java class may be the source of multiple components).Also try to match Component path with class package structure if class is not an ATG component extension.

Always pass request and session scope objects to global scope component methods instead of resolve component.

Use window scope when you want different browser windows to maintain different states (another way to do that is to use URL parameters—for example, if a user wants to view two different products in separate windows—however, sometimes URL parameters are not sufficient or convenient).

ATG support Window scope which allows you to associate specific component instances with a specific browser window. Such components need to live longer than a request and also need to be different for every browser window associated with the user’s session.

Global component should not refer any session/request scope component.

Session component should not refer any request scope component.

Global scope component should not have any class level member variable. 


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