BCC site status inaccessible Agent Production in error state

The Error Message showing in BCC

BCC Site Inaccessible error message

The error logs is showing the below message

/atg/epub/DeploymentServer Failed to connect to agent
'Production'. This agent not allowed to be absent for 
a deployment. The server will continue attempts to 
intialize the connection. Set loggingDebug to true for 
continued exception and stacktrace logging.


This happens when the target/Production instance is down for some 
reason or the RMI configuration which points to the
target/Production instance may not be correct one.


If this is happening  due to target/Production instance down 
then we can restart the target/Production Server,Other wise 
correct the RMI configuration from the BCC agent configuration page
and reinitialise.

Verify the RMI Port in Configuration.properties file.Usually this file will be located in the path C:\ATG\ATG10.2\home\servers\ATGProduction\localconfig\atg\dynamo\Configuration.properties,make sure the RMI port in the file matches with the port number specified in the URL while configuring the ProdAgent in BCC.

This will solve the issue.

See Tweak BCC Snapshot


Nadipalli Rajya Lakshmi said...

I am having smiliar issue,corrected rmi port but still getting same error..

In your solution u have asked to update rmi port and reinitialise..can you elaborate what needs to be reinitialised?

Thanks In Advance

Sebastian said...

Yes,Go to BCC Admin Console then select Agent then Configuration,Modify the value for rmi port,Go back to Overview then Configuration,You will see a button 'Make Changes Live',Click this button to reinitialise the deployment topology

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