ATG Slots Scenarios and Targeters

Slots are Nucleus components,Container that show personalized 
content to the users.These containers are filled with
contents,Targeters and scenarios are used to deliver the personaliszed contents.Slots have the capability
to store a cached list of items from scenarios.

In ACC under Components by path slots can be located under /atg/registry/slots ,Slots like other components can have
all the three scopes,but the default scope is session,the

scope can be persisted so items added in one session will 
be there when the user starts a new session.

Targeters can also be used to select content that is 
personalized for the user.This is knowledge-driven 
personalization and Work with scenarios to deliver dynamic personalized content.Scenarios use Targeters to fill slots.

With slots: best performance, because business rules are 
executed once, when the scenario runs and slots cache the 
output.The content can also be changed over time
(added to, removed from).

Make use ofContent and Profile Groups,Grouping provides 
Rule re-use, Rule nesting Use of rules in Scenarios and 
it will be ease for maintenance.

ATG Scenario Internal Working


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