google chrome not connecting to internet

After downloading Google Chrome Browser, when you try to access any website you might see this message 'This webpage is not available' , This is because you are not able to connect to Internet from Chrome.

Verify you have a Firewall configured in your machine,For Eg: In Windows 7 check for Symantec Endpoint Protection is configured or any other kind  of Firewall is configured or enabled ,if the firewall is configured you can see the icon on your taskbar,you can see a yellow icon for Symantec Endpoint Protection, right click the icon to open the Configurations.

symantec icon

Once the Symantec Protection is opened Go to the 'Network Threat Protection' Section,Click the Options button, then Select 'View Application Settings'.

symantec screen

Once the Application Settings Screen is opened,Under the File Name you can see Google Chrome displayed,Check the Action associated with that,it might be blocked at the Firewall as shown below,there will be a checkbox next to the File Name , Click the corresponding checkbox and set the action as 'Allow'.Click OK.Now you will be able to connect Internet.

view application settings

Verify Domain ,Port and other required configurations, if you are using Proxy Settings in your Browser.

remote debug configuration in weblogic console

I have seen in many forums and blogs on how to remote debug a Weblogic Admin or Managed Servers. Most of them suggested to modify the files setDomainEnv.cmd or to modify the Startup aScripts like startWeblogic.cmd or startManagedWeblogic.cmd.But these modifications require change of multiple files in case if need to debug both Admin and Managed Servers.There is an easy way you can achieve this through Admin Console

Login to the Weblogic Console ,Click on Servers and select the respective Server and go to the Server Start tab like shown below.

In the Arguments Section paste the  line along with other arguments if any ,like below.Here address is any port which is free and can be used for remote debugging.I have used 8444.

-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8444,server=y,suspend=n -Djava.compiler=NONE

remote debug arguments

Now restart your Weblogic Server you will see the message  in the startup of the server,"Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8444".You are done with the settings in Weblogic !!.

After this from your IDE set the Debug Configurations.For Eg :
In Eclipse- Debug Configurations,Remote Java Application - New and specify the same port which you have given in the arguments(8444).

remote debug eclipse settings

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