Oracle Recommended Approach for ATG10.1.2 Siebel Integration

Oracle has provided the code base for atg siebel integration, this code base is an enhanced version
of the current CRS implementation we have for user registration,order capture and
product configurator.

Configuration Steps
Extract the given integration code to your atg folder (eg:C:\ATG\ATG10.1.2)

Set up the project in your eclipse,you can setup this as  an existing ATG Project

Once you Run the siebelBuild.xml with the ant task "all-with-ws" a new Folder Siebel will be created

in your atg root path (eg:C:\ATG\ATG10.1.2)

There will also a SiebelWS folder created with a SiebelWS.ear file inside your newly created
Siebel folder.

Create an ear using runAssembler for the Siebel web application by specifying either the module -m

Siebel.PublishingAgent or Siebel.Versioned based on whether running application in Production or

Run the necessary scripts in production publishing and switching schemas.

Define the Webservice endpoints.

Run the Application !!

See how to integrate the code for

User Registration 

Product Configurator
Catalog Import
Order Capture
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