Oracle Recommended Approach for ATG10.1.2 Siebel Integration

Oracle has provided the code base for atg siebel integration, this code base is an enhanced version
of the current CRS implementation we have for user registration,order capture and
product configurator.

Configuration Steps
Extract the given integration code to your atg folder (eg:C:\ATG\ATG10.1.2)

Set up the project in your eclipse,you can setup this as  an existing ATG Project

Once you Run the siebelBuild.xml with the ant task "all-with-ws" a new Folder Siebel will be created

in your atg root path (eg:C:\ATG\ATG10.1.2)

There will also a SiebelWS folder created with a SiebelWS.ear file inside your newly created
Siebel folder.

Create an ear using runAssembler for the Siebel web application by specifying either the module -m

Siebel.PublishingAgent or Siebel.Versioned based on whether running application in Production or

Run the necessary scripts in production publishing and switching schemas.

Define the Webservice endpoints.

Run the Application !!

See how to integrate the code for

User Registration 

Product Configurator
Catalog Import
Order Capture


Maciej Rogalski said...

Hi i have a question about that integration part. I've managed to build and deploy the Siebel web app to my ATG production and publishing server. But i havent found any info on how can i start that Application. Do u know what is an addres for ATG siebel web. i have tried using localhost:7003/atg/siebel but that isnt proper. Can u help me with this ?

Sebastian said...

Ofcourse,you may try this url ->http://localhost:7003/siebel. Also verify the context root inside the siebel.war file.If you have not changed the OOTB code,the above url should work.

FeAr OnLy To StAnD aLoNe.... said...

I want to learn how to integrate sibel loyalty management with ATG application.
Can you please guide me how can I achieve this?


Sebastian said...

Not sure about that Prateek,here i have discussed the OOTB code from Oracle for Automatic Catalog Import from Siebel to ATG,Similiary for User Registration,Product Configurator and Order Integration,All these are avaialable as Webservices to ATG, First you need to check any Oracle OOTB Solution is already available for your integration,For this you can raise a SR with Oracle,If not check with Siebel whether are they exposing any webservice for the same.If yes then i think you can go for the integration without much issues.

FeAr OnLy To StAnD aLoNe.... said...

Then I will raise an SR and update you also with this.
I want to see the integration code for user registration/catalog import but the given link in above takes me a new blog.
There I cann't find anything.
Please suggest!

Sebastian said...

Sure,go ahead.Regarding Integration code,please raise an SR,Oracle will release the Integration code through SR,Its the Beta Version which is currently avaialable,They are working on this,i can help you in configuring it with ATG.Some links are removed since its copy righted by Oracle.

Sebastian said...

Prateek,Below are the OOTB Webservices available for Loyalty Integration,Hope this helps.
LOY Accrual Services, LOY Member Services, LOY Redemption Services, LOY Voucher Services, LoyaltyMemberEnrolment

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