Not able to create New Scenarios and Scenario Templates - Button is disbled

How to enable the scenario buttons in ACC ?
Normally Scenarios are not enabled by default in ATG,You need to do a small tweak here to start working with Scenarios,Scenario Templates.

There are basically two places you need to do change before working with scenarios 

Database changes

Use any client tool(toad or sqlplus or heidisql for this)to connect your database,find the table dss_server_id and modify the value like below.

Note - Your server_id is the computer name,to find it,go to
MyComputer->Properties->Computer name,and the port is the drp_prt,
to find it go to atg component administration view
navigate to /atg/dynamo/server/DrpServer -> port,ideally it should be
8850,unless specified other wise.

Local Config Changes

Create a file scenarioManager.xml inside the folder
Add the entry like below and restart your server.

Go to ATG Control Center and you can now able to create/edit and delete your Scenarios,ScenarioTemplates etc.

atg.workflow.WorkflowException: The project type named /Content Administration/import.wdl is invalid.

This is also a similiar issue where the current Process Editor Server is configured or registered with the first Server, So you need to edit this in workflowProcessManager.xml file which would be located in the path \config\atg\epub\workflow\process\workflowProcessManager.xml.Otherwise create it under localconfig\

OR  there is an alternate solution.

1. Run the query select * from epub_wf_server_id; 
   in publishing schema which will give you the registered process  
   editor server name and port.
2. Update the epub_wf_server_id table with the actual hostname 

   and drp port.
3. Update epub_wf_server_id set SERVER_ID='Sebastian-
   HP:8851' where SERVER_ID='hostname:8851'
4. Restart BCC server.

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Scenario Internal Working


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