Blogger option to delete images from Picasa Albums

Normally during blogging  you upload lot of images,but have 
you ever noticed where this images are getting stored,its getting stored in the picasa web albums.Similiarly while deleting posts whether will the images are removed automatically ? No ,How can it be removed from the picasa
web albums?

When you delete a post,you will be shown a confirmation  page with the option 'Are you sure want to delete the Post?',then the entire post and below it will display all the images you uploaded with that post,if any , with a checkbox corresponding to each of it.You can select the checkbox to delete the images permanently from the picasa web albums.

Another thing is when people want to remove one blog,they delete the entire blog one shot,but this will not remove the images from the picasa web albums.So if you are sure you dont want the images any more,better options is go to your individual posts and follow the above steps to delete images.I prefer this way than going to picasa and delete the images,because this will make sure you are not deleting any required images and will have more control of your actions.Once you remove all the images from your posts,go and delete your blog.
blog option to delete image in post


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