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I primarily write blogs on atg topics and some general topics which i think will help others,one fine day i noticed few of my posts are not displaying correctly in google search results,while given a search criteria i am seeing  different posts of mine displaying in the search results whereas my actual post for that search criteria is not shown,due to this some of our new visitors may leave the site.This is a painful situation and we are helpless since google has its own algorithm for displaying and filtering search results,to correct this  we can do some research on what went wrong and modify accordingly which is a permanent solution but time consuming.But most of the time we will leave this to google trusting it will correct this automatically.

Instead you can  try some of the options below,which is not only a workaround but will make your site highly navigational and user friendly

The first thought is how quickly we can redirect users back to actual posts he is looking for,once he click the incorrect posts from google search results?

Option-1 is to add a 'Recent Posts','Popular Posts' and 'Recent Comments' widgets in your blog,so that chances are there user might find the information he is looking for from these widgets which will eventually make him stay at your site.

Option-2 is to add a google search tool bar to your blog,which has options to search the blog posts,search in web etc.This helps the user to quickly search the post and get the required data.

Option-3 is to add a blog archive,user can easily navigate this archive to find the necessary posts/data.One common thing noticed while creating an archive is most of  us make an archive option set to daily archiving which makes navigation difficult for the user.In this case user has to do several clicks inorder to expand the archive and get his necessary information which is not user friendly.Modify the option to monthly if not,so that he can easily navigate your blog archive and find the information he is looking for. 

Adding  a good sitemap and categorizing your posts will also helps and make your site more user friendly.

Alternately you can investigate what went wrong and take the corrective measures.

Feel free to Add if you know other alternatives !!!!


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