Logging without Extending GenericService

ATG has a built in logging mechanism provided by the class atg.nucleus.GenericService,the logging can be done through the methods logDebug(),logInfo() etc.Most of the frame work/Out Of the Box classes like DynamoServlet,GenericFormHandler,CartModifierFormHandler etc are extending the Generic Service class.

But if you are writing a component class which cannot extend GenericService in its hierarchy,we need to do a small tweak like below.

Create a component from the Out Of Box class 'atg.nuceus.logging.ApplicationLoggingImpl'.

# /com/test/TestLogger
#Thu Jul 12 21:22:19 GMT+05:30 2012

Now create your own component class.Inject the logger into these POJO classes.

package test;
import atg.nucleus.Nucleus;
import atg.nucleus.logging.ApplicationLoggingImpl;

public class Testbean {

private ApplicationLoggingImpl logger;

public ApplicationLoggingImpl getLogger() {

return logger; }

public void setLogger(ApplicationLoggingImpl logger) {

this.logger = logger;

// the identifier will enable the logger to know which component has
// given the log message. otherwise it will tell unknown service as the //component name 



Inject the logger into your Testbean component.

# /com/test/Testbean
#Thu Jul 12 21:22:19 GMT+05:30 2012


Now you can use  logger inside the class in normal fashion.


logger.logDebug("inside XXX method");

Now if we wish to change the log level, we need to go to the ACC or adminUI, and locate the TestLogger component and change its appropriate properties.

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