Manually Configure Deployment in CA Server

In BCC Home page click Content Administration - > Admin Console,this will take you to Deployment Administration page.

Click Configuration link in the left column under 'Deployment Administration'.

Set up the Production Environment.

Click on the Add site link and Enter the following information.
Add site information in BCC

Scroll down further to the Setting Repository Mappings area.

Select /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog as the source repository and /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog_production
as the destination repository.

It should look like the image below. Click the Add button.

Repository Mapping Section

Repeat the same step above for mapping other repositories 
like ClaimableRepository, PersonalizationRepository, and SecurePriceLists(mapped to PriceLists_production) and yourRepository component.

Click Save changes.

Click on the Agents tab, pictured below.

Click on the Add agent to site link. Enter the following information

Agent name: prod

Transport URL: rmi://localhost:8160/atg/epub/AgentTransport

Include file systems: /atg/epub/file/ConfigFileSystem

Note: To determine the correct RMI port, you can refer to that ATG server’s /atg/dynamo/ file.

Click Save changes when you are done.

Click the back to deployment administration configuration link.

Agent details in BCC


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