solution for removing duplicate title tag in your blog

I have resolved the issue of duplicate title tags,In my case,I have made 10 different titles but all starting with the same wordings initially (as it addresses same topic different issues)and a difference in the latter part.

After analysing the title,i came to know, the blog by default creates the title from the initial part of wordings,also based on that it creates an html file for your post .

I have rearranged my titles so that the later part which has the real meaningful difference in wordings will come first,by doing this way had created unique  titles and the corresponding html files for me.Others please find some suitable unique titles
and modify accordingly.

Once you have addressed this issue,within 2-3 weeks all the errors which were previously showing in Webmaster Tools,Diagnostic section->HTML Suggestions had gone !! it looks clean now.

Also keep a periodic check to your Webmaster Tools and its appropriate/advisable to take corrective actions for these simple issues,which i am sure will definitely help you in long run.

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