Aadhar UID Enrollment Steps made Easier than before

Enrolment Procedure
Normally enrollment can be done through all Post Offices on specified dates.You can enroll in other Centers also identified for this.I went to nearby Post Office and done the entire process within half an hour.

The enrollment process is very easy,Post Office guys
will give you the Enrollment Form Upfront(This Enrollment Form Format might be different in different centres,means format will vary slightly),Fill up the necessary details,while submitting you have to carry  the required documents (Id,Address Proof)'.Its Best if you have a Xerox of DL or Passport which has both ID and Address Proof.So it alone will suffice for both,Other wise you need to provide the necessary Proofs,the list of supportings/Proofs will be displayed in every Post Office,Also there is no need to take  any
Originals or Photo with us at the time of enrollment.

Once Verified they will issue a token,With this token you can go ahead and complete the formalities same day preferrably,other wise you need to repeat the steps of getting token so better finish it in same day.

The enrollment process is pretty simple and straight forward
,the authorised person will add the minimum details provided in the
form to the System,after that he will take a Photo of you followed by an Iris scan for both of the eyes,then scanning of all the ten fingers.The entire process will not take more than ten minutes.\

After this they will give you print out of  all the details entered in two copies.Take one as an acknowledgement and keep it with you,and the other copy sign it and give back,and when asked i have told that your UID will be send to the Address given with in one month.But I know people waiting after 4-5 months but still no updates.Lets Wait and See !!!!

Note:Better to go early in the morning when the Post Office opens,
Normally after that  i have seen 10 -15 People always in the Queue,
so it will cost you minimum one hour fourty minutes.

I got the Aadhar Card within a month itself !!

Link Aadhar card with Bank and Gas Agency

There are two things you need to do,First one is link your Aadhar card with bank account and second is link  Aadhar card in Gas Agency Records.You will get one page two sided form for this whereas one side you can fill the bank details and other side gas agency related details.


First thing is to collect the form from the gas agency,this form has two sides,the page 1 is to link your Aadhar id to the bank account
for that fill the details like bank account number,branch name,uid number,address etc and submit to the bank ,preferably the one which you have account.
Documents Required: Form you collected from the Gas agency and a xerox of Aadhar card and original Aadhar card.

Get the signature and seal from the bank authorities in the acknowledgement section below the form and cut that portion and keep it with you.Any bank officer can do that,if you have a personal banker you can just call and inform earlier and get this done in a minute.

Now go to  Gas Agency,Before that One important thing i forgot to mention earlier is after filling the bank details you need to take a xerox of the application form

with your Aadhar card kept in the left hand side,means you need to take a xerox with reduced size of the Aadhar card,so that it will come in a way that the left

handside blank space is filled with your Aadhar card.After filling the details for Gas Agency submit the Form,Gas Bill and in case a change of address from your
Aadhar card its good to submit the address proof as well.

Documents Required: Application Form,Acknowledgement Receipt From Bank,Recent Gas Bill Prefereably,Adress Proof incase required


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