install SSL Handshake error

This issue is happening because the URL you are trying to connect through SSL from your applicaton does not have a certificate associated with in your JDK Keystore.

So at first,you need to export this certificate to any physical location through your browser(FireFox) and using Keytool utility, import it to the JDK's Keystore.

Exporting the Certificate to Keystore

1.In the Browser enter the url(eg->,for https
  protocol,you may find an icon at the leftmost corner of the
  Address bar.Click on the icon.
2.Click "More Information".
3.Click "View Certificate" button.
4.Select "Details" tab and click "Certification Authority - G5",Now
  click "Export" button,Save the file in any physical
  location of your hard disk(eg:C:\xxx.cer).

Importing the Certificate to Keystore

Go to the keystore Location -eg C:\jdkxxx\jre\lib\security.
Run the below command from the keytool uility
keytool -alias xxx -import -keystore cacerts -file C:\xxx.cer
it will ask for password which is 'changeit'
Now using another command keytool -list -keystore ./cacerts verify
the Cert is added to the keystore succefully.
done !!!


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