Switch Weblogic Datasources quickly to connect different databases

Generally while configuring Datasources,especially changing the Username and Password for the datasources,Modifying the url of the datasource so as to establish connection to different databases in different environments like (Development,System Testing to verify a defect etc) will surely become a  tedious task if we rely  admin console each time to make these changes.

There is an easy way to accomplish this,Assuming you already have a datasource configured for your Development purpose(connected to devdb),Now you need to connect to different datasource/database  to test a defect in different environment,say in System Test environment(connected to systestdb).

Open your datasource files with a wordpad or notepad, located inside C:\bea\user_projects\domains\xxx_domain\config\jdbc folder,
keep a back up of your old datasource file,now modify the datasource url,user name and password etc with respect to your environment(System test).Restart the  Weblogic Server.

Now you can see your application is connected to the desired database.

See how to change the encrypted password ->
Modify Encrypted Password


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