Issues Opening ATG Control Center(ACC) - Not Resolving Host Name

i  experienced the following error,while trying to open a Standalone ACC.

"Could not connect to  url  rmi://hostname:portnumber/atg/devtools/UpdateAgent,
this is Usually caused by the incorrect setting of
adminPort property of the Nucleus component
atg/devtools/UpdateAgent.That property should be set
to the HTTP Port number for the Dynamo Administration Server".

Editing the Windows hosts file.

Navigate to the location where your windows is installed, (eg: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc)
open the hosts file in any word editor (eg:notepad),modify the file by adding respectieve entry to resolve the host names.


After this Run the DOS command ipconfig/flushdns,now open your standalone ACC you will able to access without any issues !!!

Also see editing the registry -> Modify Registry Settings


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