Deploy different ears without admin console-Fast way of Deploying EAR to Weblogic

Traditional Way

Normally in Weblogic for deploying a new ear,the process most of us follows are ,In short,login to Weblogic Admin Console,go to 'Deployments',click 'Lock and Edit',
click 'Install' button, navigate to the respectieve path where
your EAR is residing,select the appropriate deployment mode,then finally click 'Finish' button.

Here the first step opening the admin console and login with the
credentials itself is a time consuming process so as the other steps.

Instead follow the steps below for easy deployment.

Easy Deployment

This requires a little tweak in the  config.xml file,idea is to specify in  config.xml files which ear you need to deploy,Weblogic Server will read the Config file and looks for  an EAR in the  location  specified in the config file,great!!! ,then if found,it waits for nothing it will go ahead with the usual Server startup,picks the EAR,starts the modules specified in the EAR, installs the EAR to the Server finally, done!!!.

Below is the tags and sample values:



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