Hot Swap Java Classes - Hot Deploy ATG Application with Weblogic

I saw a lot of  information regarding this topic which is either cluttered or confusing to the readers,i tried this,a very useful feature and a must have for every developers,this is quite easy to
configure with minimal modifications.

Visit the link to see the Pre-Requisites and how hotswap works in Java Application

Hot Deploy Java Application

Now its time for hot deploying your classes in ATG Apllications which is deployed in some Application Servers,believe me its really simple,fast and saves a hell lot of time !!!,
you can modify your classes straight away but do keep in mind to launch the debgugger before doing so,Run the runAssembler as well(This can be invoked from a build script,probably an Ant Build with “fork = yes”,so that it will run in a seperate JVM),
after this  you can see your class changes will be reflected without needing a Server restart


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