Hot deploy Pre Requisites – Easiest way to hotdeploy your code – Hot switch your java classes

Pre Requisites

This can be possible if  the version of JVM is V1.4 or higher.In Eclipse Set up your remote debugging options.

please visit the link to see how can you setup this,
Set up Remote Debug

Also From the Eclipse Project menu,check 'Build Automatically' Option.Set  break points to the class you need to modify(will make sense if you keep the debug point before the line you want to modify),after that Launch the debugger.

Hot Deploy Java Application

Generally you compile the code with the options ‘Run  as a Java Application’ or through some ant script which will do a clean, build and deploy your whole code.which is time consuming.

Hot Deploy,Modify your code straight away unless it's a change in method signature,save your changes,Relaunch the  debugger with the same class(in case any issues with automatic build )and you will notice your changes are reflected without compilation.

Also verify how to Hot Swap classes in ATG Applications running in Weblogic Server


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