SVN Best Practices - Basic/Essential SVN things developer must know

Synchronize your code base

Consider synchronize your code base as the first task towards your development activity.

1.   Synchronize all the modules,
2.   Accept all incoming changes and
3.   Merge all the conflicts,if any.

This makes your code base in sync with the actual code base.

Check -in/Commit

Once you have completed one file/functionality,repeat the above steps from 1-3.Now  open  synchronize perspective from Eclipse
you will see only your outgoing changes.You have to build all the modules now,This will make sure the whole activity has  not created build breaks.If no build errors!!!  go ahead and Commit.

1. You can select all the files and select commit in one go
    but  doing so will allow one common comment
    to all the  files.
2. You can commit file one by one. In this case you can enter a
   comment for each  file.But working in larger projects,this might
   create build errors,
if we have to commit lot of files and
   meanwhile other person start synchronisation his code base.


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