Repository Cache modes - item descriptor inheritance

ATG Repository Cache modes

There are four  types of cache modes

Disabled – No caching
Simple – Simple Caching - Default mode
Locked – Locked caching
Distributed – Distributed caching

We  can specify cache mode for an item descriptor as well as its properties,if we specify cache mode for an item descriptor,it will become the default cache mode for all the properties inside that item descriptor unless specified other wise.

See below example.

Here we are specifying the cache mode locked for the item descriptor 'account',but dont want the 'balance' property to be cached which if not specified will inherit the cache mode of the item descriptor.So specifying the cache-mode as disabled for this property.

<item-descriptor name="account" cache-mode="locked">
    <table >
            <property name="balance" cache-mode="disabled"/>


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