Bidvertiser Issue Showing No Revenue Initially

I have seen many feedbacks about Bidvertiser Ad network,so thought of sharing my own experience.Find below the discussion thread with Bidvertiser team.Feel free to share your views if its genuine.

My Question
Hi Bidvertiser Team,

I am quite new to bidvertiser,recently i published my blog with Bidvertiser,my blog is about discussing issues and solution maninly ATG Commerce developers and few general topics,i am able to derive a decent traffic to my blog and currently i am seeing xxxx impressions and x Click Points,but my revenue and pending balance is shown as 0$,is there anything i am missing or its the usual behaviour and will take some time to get the updated status,highly appreciate your response.

Response from Bidvertiser Team
Dear Sebastian ,

Clicks and conversion bonus our now joined together to form Click Points, this is what you see displayed in your account, not clicks. Conversion revenue is a potentially additional revenue depending on the quality of traffic that you are sending through the advertisements.

In cases where there is only a small amount of traffic and clicks, it is possible that little or no revenue is earned. However as you increase the traffic quantity and quality a significant increase in revenue will be seen.

Best Regards,
BidVertiser Support Team.

Follow Up Question
Still not seeing any improvement in revenue.

Response from Bidvertiser Team
Dear Sebastian ,

Some of our ads provided have very low minimum bids, and work on a conversion basis. If the visitor converts into a lead or sale, then a large amount of revenue is paid to the publisher. We obviously also have more regular ads that pay on a ppc basis, and a mixes of both of these.

Follow Up Question
Thanks for the update,need to know is there a way we can choose the regular ads that pay on a ppc basis,In some Forums i saw Bidvertiser has an option to filter out ads based on the bid amount,is it possible ?

Response from Bidvertiser Team
Dear Sebastian ,

It sounds as though that was an old post. The option to manually filter which ads are shown has not been available for some time now.

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Sebastian said...

I felt they are saying correct,now working on contents,trying to add more unique and quality contents to the site,which will eventually drive more traffic and therefore more revenue to the site.Personally i am satisfied with the way their ads network function and has a lot more options compared to other Ad Networks(You can google around this)..All the Best !!

manas tiwari said...

Well can you tell me what exactly should I do to earn revenue points?

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