Significance of ATG Content Administration in Ecommerce

There are other CA products available which support file asset versioning but Repository assets versioning is only possible with ATG CA.

ATG provides different deployment methods, all of which are useful  based on what the scenario is,

One-Off Deployment
Switch Deployment
Staging Deployment

One-Off Deployment

In some instances you might need to verify project content prior to the workflow deployment,like you can evaluate the performance of the project content or its gui elements before submitting review for that project,This scenario you can deploy the project to a site defined as one-off target.

Switch Deployment
Basically Repository Assets and File Assets can be deployed uisng Switch Deployment.This requires multiple Databases one an active database and other one Inactive.Repository assets are deployed to the inactive database first and once the deployment to this database completes ,the SwithcingDataSource switches the DataSource to this updated Database and the Inactive becomes Active.After this the deployment will takes place to the Active database(Active before Switching ie:now inactive database) in similiar manner.

File assets are also deployed in a similiar manner,Here instead of active and inactive databases we have live directory and inactive directory.

ATG  provides different preview facilities

Local preview [From CA server]
Remote preview [From other server]

As this is an ATG product, it goes well with ATG commerce Applications.


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