install/deploy mutliple EAR at the same time in ATG platform

There are few things we need to take care while running multiple EARs in Managed Weblogic Servers during our development phase.

Below are the steps followed by me in running more than one EAR's.

This is how i did it.

I assume you have knowledge on how to create an admin server and  i assumed you have created one which is listening to  port 7001.


1. In weblogic admin, goto weblogic->environment->server
      - create a new managed server with port 7002.
2. In weblogic->environment->services->jdbc
      - add newly created managed server as target to your
   respectieve datasource XXX_DS
3. In weblogic->environment->deployment
    - install your EAR  and deploy it.
4. From the ATG's home/bin directory - (eg:C:\ATG\ATG9.0
      - create a DRP server by running following command
        makeDynamoServer XXX-Drp-Server 8861 8851
5. In  
     add following line
          - add user name and password in the same file.

          Search for existing entries and enter password
                  set WLS_USER=weblogic       
                  set WLS_PW=weblogic
6. Create desktop shortcuts to start and stop XXX-Managed-Server

          start target:

   startManagedWebLogic.cmd  XXX-Managed-Server

          stop target:
   stopManagedWebLogic.cmd XXX-Managed-Server

You can create 'n' number of managed servers by following the same process,there by deploying EAR's of your different application modules to these managed servers.

Please provide your comment if you need any information


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