Configure multiple Admin Servers in different domains simultaneously

Create an Admin Server as usual(Admin Server - > localhost:7001) in base_domain with default port.For Configuring the second Admin Server follow the instructions below.

Weblogic Changes -> Go to the Domain Configuration Wizard.

1. From Start Menu,select Programs->BEA Products >
   Tools >ConfigurationWizard

2. Select "Create a new Weblogic domain".

3. Select "Generate a domain configured automatically...." and
   click “Next”.

4. Select the username,password and the appropriate JDK(eg:

5. After that you will get a screen to customize,answer yes to that
   and change the port  to 7003 and leave the rest to default.

6. Give the name for the domain as “test_domain” and click “create”.

7. Create the new domain.

8. Start the Admin Server(testServer),Configure the required
   datasources and deploy EAR.

9. Modify your weblogic startup   script
   set the  server name in the  JAVA_OPTIONS variable.

10. set %
    JAVA_OPTIONS%,before the line set SAVE_JAVA_OPTIONS=% 

ATG Changes

ATG by  default set the RMI Port and Drp Port  as 8860 and 8850 for the Admin Server irrespectieve of you need to create new  ports  for the newly created testServer.

1.From Start Menu, select Run > type cmd > Go to C:\ATG\ATG9.1
  \home\bin the command   makeDynamoServer testServer 8861 8851.

You will get rmiInitialisation Exception(JVM_BIND port already in use),if you fail to configure the DynamoServer.

After this you can deploy EAR's and start Running your application in both Admin Servers.

There is also another easy way to configure the  same with minimal changes -> Alternate Approach


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