Unversioned and Versioned Repositories in ATG Content Administration


1.Resides in CA Environment.
2.Instance of GSA 

3.No modifications are required in  Unversioned Repository 
4.No Extra properties are required.                   
5.'this' attribute is not applicable here    

1.Resides in Production Environment.
2.Instance of Version Repository
3.Needs modifications in Versioned Repository Definition,eg: Remove

  Foreign key relationships,Remove unique attribute if   used.
4.Other versioning properties,such as asset_version,is_head etc.are

  automatically added to Item definition  by CA server.
5.Set versionable attribute to specify which assets

  needsVersioning.By default all asset are versionable.

Note: In both scenarios you need to follow the repository best practices, Repository Best Practices


Sony Thomas said...

Hey, how can we revert to a previous version of an asset in Versioned Repository ?

Sebastian said...

From the Project tab,select the project which has the previous version was and do a rollback.

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