Samsung Galaxy Pro(B7510) restarting often/problems

I purchased Galaxy Pro B7510 5 months back(Running in Fro yo -Android 2.2),but last 2 days it started rebooting every 5 or 10 minutes.I checked the possible solutions in internet.I tried few methods  but finally i solved the issue.Following are the steps i tried.

I have cleared the cache to check whether any possible depletion
of memory.This will solve the issue  if the memory is depleted.

While starting the phone hold the power key and 'T' key of Qwerty
Keypad until you are  shown a system recovery screen.'System
Reboot' will be default option selected,if not navigate using   
your 'volume key' to scroll down to  'System Reboot' and press
'Home key' from your keypad to  Reboot the System.Verify your
issue is solved.

Switch Off your mobile phone,take out your Sim card and battery
and place it back,now switch on and see if it solved the issue.

samsung galaxy

If the issue is still persisting,from your phone menu click the
icon 'Market',search for Gingerbread,This will give a list of
applications,from the list select ,Android 2.3 Launcher (Home)'
from Steven Lin,Install this application and reboot the
system.This worked for me !!

Phone Not Charging

I faced another issue recently,my phone shows full battery whenever connected to the charger,whereas actually
its not getting charged ,then the moment i unplug,it will immediately shutdown/off.This happen intermittently
2 or 3 days in a week.

Here are few tips that might be helpful for you to decide on what steps need to take in this situation.

Inspect your battery first,check the battery is swollen,if its change your battery immediately and see the problem happening again or not,many cases the issue happens because of the damaged battery,my case the battery was swollen and i changed it and it worked for another 2 or 3 days without any issues,again faced with the same i thought of showing it to nearby Samsung authorized service center,the moment i gave the phone they told, its a charger pin issue and within two hours they replaced the pin and gave back my phone,i paid around 650rs,whereas the pin will cost exactly Rs300 and another Rs300 + Rs50 for the service charges including VAT.The phone is now working smoothly without any issues.This was kind of huge relief for me,so thought of sharing this which might be helpful.

If you have trust in some local shop,you can get it replaced with  less cost,but i always prefer  Samsung authorized service center.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing. :)

Sara said...

It helped me a lot. Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed solution. My homescreen had crashed. showing report close error after every 2 seconds.
It resolved now
Bless you

Sebastian said...

Thanks for the feedbacks..!

Jm Anderson said...

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Shahnaz Khan said...

your article really helped a lot.Just a few days ago my phone was not responding ,i thought its over but then i found your site and your detailed solution helped to recover my phone.whats more the solution that you have given brought freshness to the old phone . I really thank you and appreciate your endeavor.

asdw adfwwt said...

I wish it will work :( But thanks for the information.

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