share/install same datasource/ear with different schema in Weblogic 10.1

Create 2 Admin Server(one in each separate domain ) ,After that start the Admin Server which will   default run in ports 8860 and 8850.then either open the component atg/dynamo/Configuration in ACC,modify the rmiPort and DrpPort to 8861 and 8851 


create a component(  the path C:\ATG\ATGXXX\home\localconfig\atg\dynamo,set the properties rmiPort=8861,drpPort=8851,now start the second Admin Server(testServer),configure your datasources  and deploy the EAR.
But in this method , if the Admin/test  Server is shutdown or stopped,you need to do the whole process again,also you need to make sure there is no component present at the initial server start up time.

Pros :Easy and fast  to configure.
Cons :There  is a chance of Port conflicts,if we are not deleting the
      component from the path each/first time 

      When we start/restart the Servers.Chances of typo,because we
      need to change the values of ports frequently compare to the
      earlier approach.

Recommended Approach


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