Receipt of ITR - V,Income tax File Returns/Efiling Acknowledgement

Once the ITR-V Form has been sent to the income tax department.

Within a week you will get the acknowledgement from the mail id (with subject line Income Tax Return for PAN AAKxxxxx0J A.Y. 2011-12- Receipt of ITRV at CPC)to your  email id which you  mentioned while filling up the 2011_ITR1_rX.xls.This can be also seen below in the ITR -V Form (see the email id in the last line,last word)

Given below the sample ITR-V Form and Acknowledgement /Receipt   received.

For getting Refund through Efiling

I have not provided enough supporting at the time of filing income tax returns,due to that my 80C Section was showing only Rs 76903 where actually i have supporting to show till Rs 1 lakh,so the tax was calculated based on the Supportings and Rs 32503  was deducted from my salary,The details is updated in the Form 16 document.Now i have to get back the returns since i have the proofs with me.

So during filing IT Returns i have mentioned the entire one lakh rupees in Section 80 C based on that Rs 23097 more is deducted from my total taxable income and  my total tax
has come down to 29323 Rs Including Educational Cess.

For claiming this in the ITR1 Form you have a tab 'TDS',In that there is an option to specify the total tax deducted where you can mention the amount deducted which is Rs 32503 and earlier based on your inputs on the first tab 'Income Details' your total tax calculated is Rs 29,323.There is another tab 'Taxes paid and Verification' which will calculate the refund amount,in this case it automatically calculated to RS 3180.Now Specify the Bank details in the same page like Account Number,IFSC,Type of Account,You will get the refund amount atleast before the next cycle of income tax filing starts.I got it in November month(2013). 

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ITR V Form with Email id shown below

Efiling Acknowledgement document


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