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Suppressing Ant Warnings

After Switching to  Jdk1.5 ,end up in seeing lot of ant warnings,some of the warnings  are too generic,like the one listed below.

"warning: non-varargs call of varargs method with inexact argument type for last parameter; [javac] cast to java.lang.Object for a varargs call".For me a bunch of warning like this makes no sense other than eating my entire console.So i decided to suppress these warnings.If you also want to get rid of these warnings,
Add the attribute nowarn="on" to the  javac task in our build files.

<javac fork="yes" destdir="${}" debug="true"
deprecation="false" optimize="off" nowarn="on">

You will not be seeing the warning  next time !!!
NoClassDefFoundError  while using Ant.

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