java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space in Weblogic startup

PermGen or Permanent Generation space is a part of Heap where it stores the Class definitions.By default JVM will take the value as 32m,if we have not set this explicitly,so this is comparitively very less.the issue stated here points that there is no enough Perm Gen space avaialable as per your current JVM settings,so increase it to avoid this issue.Again you need to select appropriate values based on your  development environment,how much hardware support etc.

You need to modify this in any webLogic startup Script,i had modified this in setDomain.env file.

Increase the heap size to

MEM_ARGS=-Xms_ _ _m -Xmx_ _ _ _ , here i have given values as 512 and 1024 respectievly.

Set the Perm size

MaxPermSize=_ _ _m,the value given here is 512.

Ideally the Max PermGen value allocated to JVM will be 50% of the Max Heap Size(Xmx).

Also typically in a development environment ,if you are using one Admin Server to manage multiple Managed Servers and all your applications are deployed in Managed Servers,then JVM of your Admin Server require less Heap and PermGen space to load only the Out Of The Box Classes,In this case its ideal to decrease the value of Heap and PermGen for the Admin Server JVM from their original default values.I have tried -XX:PermSize=48m  -XX:MaxPermSize=96m,for a 32 bit JVM, which is working fine.

Make sure to take a backup of the original file,
restart the server,ideally this error will disappear.

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