Selective/Smart Cache Invalidation

Enable Selective/Smart Cache Invalidation

In ATG 10 we have a feature newly added to handle the automatic cache invalidation.This feature tracks which assets are deployed and invalidate cache only for those assets.
There will be a patch provided by ATG to implement this feature in previous may need to contact ATG for further details.
Please verify how to configure selective cache invalidation on the below link.

Selective cache invalidation will works only on item descriptors with cache mode is set as simple cache.

Even if Selective cache invalidation is enabled,the method invalidateCaches() clears all caches from the target repository.


On each Production Repository pointing to atg.adapter.gsa.GSARepository,there is a property 'selectiveCacheInvalidationEnabled' which needs to set to true,default is false.To achieve this,you need to add an entry to the Repository component in your Application,if not layer the Repository component in your module config path or inside localconfig or liveconfig layer.


1. This will drastically improves site performance as it will not
   invalidate the repository caches for the assets which is not
   being touched or changed.
2. Deployments will be much more faster
3. This results in better performance for companies, fast loading of
   pages,and a reduction of load on the database due to reloading
   the cache


Anonymous said...

How can this be tested? Is there a way we can test this real time.

Sebastian said...

yes,we can test this once you have done the configration,and you can experience the advantages,as it will not invalidate the repository caches for assets which is not modified

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