Customizing the Pipeline definition files - XML Modifications

Adding the ApproveOrder pipelinelink to the existing pipeine chain.

<pipelinechain name="executeValidateForCheckoutChain ">     
     <pipelinelink name="ExecuteValidateForCheckoutChain"
               transaction="TX_MANDATORY" xml-combine="replace">
          <processor jndi="/atg/commerce/order/processor/

            <transition returnvalue="1" link="ApproveOrder"/>   

<pipelinelink name="ApproveOrder" transaction="TX_MANDATORY">

            <transition returnvalue="1" link="approverEmailIds"/>

Adding the processor Approve Order to the Pipeline Registry.

  <processor-registry xml-combine="append-without-matching">

      <display-name>give a name ....</display-name>
      <description>give a description</description>


See the Java and Property files changes for a Component


Logeswar Madurainayagam said...

What are the different transaction modes and why are they used ? For eg : transaction="TX_MANDATORY"

Sebastian said...

you can refer atg oracle documentation for this

Generally a transaction mode mandatory is used when the section of code is a part of a larger transaction and in that it verifies a transaction is already in place.

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