ACC Product Duplication Issues For Small Image and Large Image

I have two products with diferent models:
 BlackBerry A
 BlackBerry B

From BlackBerry A, I have duplicated the product BlackBerry B,Now
i need to change the image for  this  product,as this is of different model,the problem occurred when I
modified “Small image” and “Large image”of
BlackBerry B,these modifications are also reflected in BlackBerry A.
But I am able to  modify “Thumbnail image,Description” and few
other property values on BlackBerry B without any issues.


Please verify the Media item id is same in your duplicated item,
“Small image” and “Large image” ID in “Images & Media”
sections are the same.So in order to insert any modification,we
should re-insert “Small image”and “Large image” for each
duplicated product.


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