Customize OOTB CMS to make Asset Deployments Faster

Once the CMS project is created,deploy the project to staging and production. This is a one time activity(adding the assets to the project and deploying) and it will take some had taken a full day to finish this activity for us.

Secondly,once the bad data is removed we can start modify/create/delete
data through BCC and go for deployment.We can configure the CA side CMS to be  incremental.It will trigger once you changed a project from 'author' state to
'Ready for staging approval'.

For implementing this way you can customize the editCommerceAssets workflow to inject the custom action.You can add a logic in a way to switch b/w 'CA side incremental CMS' or 'ATG OOTB CMS'

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carmel said...

Do you have any documentation on replacing OOTB CMS with stored procs to fix corrupt data and correct ancenstor generation.

Sebastian said...

i need to prepare one :)

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