practice set of questions and answers to test your knowledge

Application has three different email handlers:one for the testing ,one for the internal mail and one for the external.Content Administration  uses the internal mail handler to send the asset update notification to the managers,which of the following directories would be the best place to configure SMTPEmail.emailHandlerHostName?

a: atgdir/home/localconfig
b: atdir/home/server/yourserver/localconfig
c: atdir/yourapp/config
d: atdir/yourapp/liveconfig
e: atdir/yourapp.versioned/config
f: atgdir/yourapp.versioned/live config

Answer : b e and f

Use the -Standalone option when assembling your ATG application to allow you to :

a: Run the application without using a separate application server such as Weblogic or JBoss
b: Run a server type with only single instance such as the CA server.
c: Deploy EJBs and Web Applications into seperate EARs
d: Run the application on a host on which ATG is  not installed

Answer : d

There should be a node manager for every:

a: Domain
b: Site
c: Server
d: Machine

Answer : d

Every host in the site need to have installed (pick all that apply):

a: The application server(such as weblogic)
b: The atg platform
c: java
d: A database server
e: A web server

Answer :a and c

which of the following can be imporoved by using application clustering in a production environment (choose all that apply)

a: Performance
b: Reliability
c: Security
d: Customer Experience
e: Data Integrity

Answer :a b and d

Which of the following asset types can Content Administration deploy(choose all that apply)

a: Configuration files
b: Java classes
c: Java source files
d: Site content
e: Images
f: Setup scripts

Answer :a d and e


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