Configure Endeca in Linux with Multiple Instances

While integrating ATG and Endeca in Linux with Multiple Instances ,we need to be really careful of the ports ATG, weblogic server and Endeca Services use.

Here are few tips on the how can we configure ATG,Weblogic and Endeca Application without conflicting ports.

First of all lets start with the Compatibility Matrix for ATG10.2.

ATG Compatibility
CRS10.2 Mobile Web Application

Endeca Compatibility
Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1.2
Oracle Endeca MDEX Engine 6.4.1
Oracle Endeca Platform Services 6.1.3
Oracle Endeca Tools and Frameworks with Experience Manager 3.1.2
Oracle Endeca Content Acquisition System 3.1.2

Application Server Compatibility
Weblogic 10.3.5 or Weblogic Server 10.3.6 or JBoss 5.1.2 EAP
Weblogic Server ports

ATG Configuring Admin Server, select 7003 as Admin port
In the WEBLOGIC ONLINE PORT BINDING menu, select [C] Choose Custom Port Binding.

In the CHOOSE CUSTOM WEBLOGIC ONLINE PORT BINDING menu, select [3] ports-02: http port is 7203 for Production and select [4] ports-03:http port is 7303 for Publishing.

Endeca Ports
MDEX Port: 15001
DGRAPH Port:15001, AGRAPH Port: 15003
EAC Port: 8889
JCD Port:: 8098
CAS server Port: 8501


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