NIIT National Chess Championship Rules and Regulations

 1. Any 4 players can play in each round of Team Championship.However, all   
   6 players are eligible to take part in the Individual Round. 
2. Team can be formed with both Male & Female members. 
3. Those players who are within the first 20 ranking of the 
   Individual Championship will be eligible to play against 
   Anand. They will be allowed to bring in 2 more players from
   his/her organisation to assist him/her. These 2 additional 

   players    should be from HR & Top Management, preferably. 
   These 2 additional players cannot be from the original playing 
4. All Playing Conditions, Rules & Regulations will be decided by  
   State Chess Association(In Bangalore -> United Karnataka Chess 
   Association (R)) as per the International Playing terms& conditions. 
5. The Winning Team of Team Championship will get a direct entry 
   into 2012/13 National Team Championship. 
6. The Winner of Individual Championship will get a direct entry 
   in to 2012/13 National B Championship for Individuals. 
7. The Championship shall be played under the laws of "Chess and
   FIDE Swiss Rules”. Totally Seven rounds shall be played    

   unless otherwise decided by the Championship committee before 
   the commencement of the Championship.
8. Team Championship: Each Team consists of 6 players out of 
   which any 4 appointed by the team captain will play each 
9. Individual Championship
   Div. I: For Rated players. Unrated players can also opt to 
   play if they desire.
   Div. II: For Unrated players only.
10. The time control will be 
   A. 45 minutes for each player for Team Rounds
   B. 30 minutes for Individual Rounds. 
   However, the Championship committee has the right to change 
   the above timings or the number of rounds before the    
   commencement of the first round.

Participation fee:

a. Rs 12,000 for each corporate team (6 players for both  
   individual and team events)
b. Rs 4,000 for individual entries. 


Total Cash & Trophies worth nearly Rs. 2.00 lakhs will be awarded to the three highest placed teams in the Team Championship, three highest placed individuals in the Individual Championship Div I & II respectively, Top Board Prize, 2nd.Board, 3rd. Board, 4th. Board for Team Championship & Most Promising Women Player of the Championship.


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