ATG Full Deployment Vs Incremental Deployment

Full Deployment

Full deployment can be useful in the case when the assets on the target sites are modified manually or are corrupted.

Target site might become inconsistent if a failure occurs during rollback,doing a full deployment,the previous set of assets created by different projects will become the  active assets of target site.

Always gives the fresh latest version data to the target

It can be time consuming as the all target data first purged then deployed again with previously deployed projects. It consumes number of resources on the target.

Incremental Deployment

It’s useful in the case when the assets which are deployed to the target are less in number after the first deployment.

Whenever you have a need to rollback to the previous completed project then the incremental deployment is preferred to do because the full deployment will try to delete the all data from the target which can not be restored again.

1. Faster than full deployment since only the assets in the project are being purged first and then deployed.
In case of multiple deployments in a day, Incremental deployment is preferred.

No drawback. Once the data is imported to the target, the deployment happens incrementally.


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