hitRatio missRatio and usedratio in repository caching

The missRatio indicates that the items in cache are not used or missed. That is your queries are returning totally different rows of data everytime and hence having a chance for them is useless. Look for a high missRatio and disable cache for these items.

Same way if the missRatio is too low or the hitRatio is too high something like 90-95%, that means that we have almost all the data in the cache itself. This indicates that either our cache size is too big or the data in the table is not in large numbers.

The usedRatio indicates the percent of the maximum cache size now in use. If this is too high, that means that most items in the cache are being used now. So we can increase the cache size.

The usedRatio is the percent of  entryCount/cache size.  gives the number of entries currently in the cache. If this is same as your cache size consider increasing the cache size.


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