no installed platform or application package containing an AppModule which matches your Module

The one common cause for this exception is generally beginners in ATG will start creating a Java project in Eclipse workspace(workspace location is not same as ATG installation directory) and try to deploy that project in some Application Server and end up in getting this Exception.The solution is to create the Module/Project inside the ATG installation directory for eg:Eclipse-New Java Project, you need to choose the path of the New Module/Project to C:\ATG\ATG10.2\,so that the new Module comes under the installation directory, or if its an existing ATG Module/Project,copy that Module/Project to ATG installation directory and import the project into Eclipse workspace.

Error #1

I got this error, when i moved my application EAR which was working perfectly in windows to Unix environment.In our Unix box we are using exactly the same software/versions which we used for local windows machine,but still getting the error.

I verified the ATG Root directory to check the module
DafEar.base is present,i am able to find the module since this is defaultly shipped as part of ATG Installation.But the root cause was i need to modify the ATG Server,Dynamo Home and Dynamo Root Path in dynamo.env file with respect to Unix environment


Modify the dynamo.env file(path->xxx.EAR-atg_bootstrap.war-WEB-INF-dynamo.env)to correct the environment properties specific for unix environment.This solved the issue !!!!,For your reference see the  dynamo.env file for unix env below.


#Dynamo environment properties


Error #2

The other time got this error while creating ATG application Module without ATG Plugin,the MANIFEST.MF file will not get created in this case.Your module need to have this file,otherwise you will get this exception while invoking runAssembler.You will not able to pack your module into an EAR and run the Application.


You need to create a folder META-INF,inside that create the MANIFEST.MF file,Add the required entries,Manifest-Version,ATG-Config-Path,ATG-Required,ATG-J2EE,ATG-EAR-Module,ATG-Class-Path.Here ATG-J2EE and ATG-EAR-Module are optional,we can add this if you have a front end GUI running in ATG application


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