ATG No Search Engines Responded

if you are getting this error message in the commerce console
you can try the below steps to start/restart the Search 
Engine via BCC

1.Open Windows Task manager,verify the processes tab and see
  atgsearch.exe is running,if its there,end the process.

2.Login to BCC,expand the Search Administration tab inside the  
  'operations' section,now click on 'Search Project  
  Administration',expand the 'Projects' link and click on your 
  project(testSearchProj),click on Environments,then stop the 
  engine by clicking 'stop link'.

3.After stopping the engine,navigate to the path
   /SearchConfigurationRepository/ invoke 
   invalidateCaches Method.

4.Now going back to Point2,click 'start link' to start the 
  Search Engine.


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