Setting up your Own ATG Server on Jboss

  I assume you have downloaded latest Version of Jboss

  Find below easy steps to create your ATG Server on Jboss and 
  get ready to deploy and run your Applications.

1. Copy the "default" Server Directory  present with the Jboss 

   Installation to your Newly created ATGServer  folder.
   Folder structure for your "default" Jboss Server.
Folder structure for your default Jboss Server
2. After copying You may now able to see a folder 
    inside your MyATGServer directory. 
    C:\jboss-eap-5.0\jboss-as\server\MyATGServer\deploy copied
    from the

3. Place/Create your Datasource related files under this folder  
    There will be ideally 2 Datasource files.

4. Now go to your IDE,From Your Eclipse Servers section,
    create a new Server - Jboss xxx,(Address,Port
    8080,JNDI 1099),choose the appropriate version and leave  others
    to default,Finish.
   Also see the Configuration required to start  your runAssembler
   and Jboss Server from your Eclipse IDE


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